Corporate Tax Governance

Each company has a way of making decisions and deciding their direction – Corporate Governance – on various topics, including the tax. However, this Government is usually an informal and weaker structure than the minimum necessary. Good corporate tax governance is one that ensures tax decisions aligned with the objectives of the owners of the company.

Based on a careful analysis of the philosophical framework of our client – its level of credibility in tax matters -, we focus our service on three specific areas.

      1. Know your local and global tax position

The objective is to know our client and that the client at the same time knows what his tax status is.

a. Map of obligations.

b. Map of monetary and non-monetary risks.

c. Evaluation of the degree of compliance to date.

d. Evaluation of communications with the Tax Administrations

      2. Evaluate your compliance structure

Evaluate the resources available to your company to adequately comply with its obligations and mitigate or eliminate certain risks.

a. Evaluation of your professional tax team.

b. Evaluation of their tax processes.

c. Evaluation of process controls

      3. Define your tax strategy.

a. Definition of tax policies.

b. Control of the effectiveness of the tax cost.

c. Establishment of the tax strategy (legal and moral).

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