Defense in tax settlements and fines

A tax settlement is any tax determination that the tax authority makes on its own to taxpayers. In these determinations, the amount of taxes owed and, where appropriate, the amount of fines incurred by the taxpayer must be indicated.

In this scenario, the tax claim is materialized in a direct charge allocation, due to a possible lack of declaration or due to the application of a tax base, which, in the opinion of the tax authority, is lower than the one applicable to the specific case.

In the face of this type of situation, our service consists of advising and representing the client in the procedure and administrative resources, trying to avoid the discrepancy with the tax authority coming to the judicial headquarters.

When the administrative channels are exhausted without the existence of meeting points between the two, our legislation contemplates access to the judicial headquarters to guarantee that the rights of the taxpayers are duly protected.

In this scenario, we assume the defense of our clients, in the administrative litigation process and, where appropriate, constitutional protection.

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