Transactions & Corporate Finances

Finance and accounting

Application of the diagnostic tool of the financial function and development of the organizational, process and technology evolution to convert the financial areas into strategic allies of the shareholders and managers of the companies.

Sales & Channels

Assistance in the business management evaluation model of companies. Implementation of profitable commercial methodologies.

Asset management

Advice on the integral management of fixed assets, which allows improving efficiency and effectiveness in the controls of asset management processes.

Studies of losses in industrial processes

Identification of depletion points, quantification and preparation of technical compliance reports.

Stock management

Advice on the integral management of warehouses and stocks that facilitates meeting the needs of each company; through the proper establishment of procedures, plicies, controls and systems.


We help organizations execute successful transactions and create value through mergers, acquisitions, valuations and restructuring.

Fusions and acquisitions

Advice on merger operations, acquisition, strategic alliances and search for investors


Assistance in the complete understanding of the variables involved in a financial and accounting transaction or assistance in dispute projects.

Valuation of businesses and intangibles

Assistance to assess the ability of each company to generate economic value.

Accounting valuation

Advice on the calculation of the fair value of assets and liabilities under the standards of local and international accounting standards.

Business restructuring

Assistance to businesses facing financial & operational difficulties in restructuring or financial reconversion.

Financial reconversion:

  • Assistance in the current financial situation and business prospects, implementing measures to stabilize companies in crisis.
  • Identification of the business lines that generate and/or destroy financial value in business.

Financial due diligence, operational and commercial

Assistance in financial due diligence of companies through the analysis and validation of financial, operations and commercial premises.

Survey and structuring of financing

Consulting companies that need to finance investment projects, from the structuring of the operation to its execution process.

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